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How Running Affects Your Body System

We've all seen an early runner brace the morning cold just to clock in some running hours before work and then wondered why. Here are just some of the reasons they sacrifice their warm beds as soon as they wake up... 

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Cycling Gear Every Cyclist Must Have for 2017

When it comes to cycling gear there are certain items that a cyclist inevitably needs. Every cyclist should wear a hemet and it would be reckless to not own one as every fall could become a life or death situation...

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We are the Recognised Official Reseller for 'Far End Gear' Products across Europe

Innovative Products from the brand Far End Gear such as, XDU Earphones, Short Buds, BudLoks and XDU Recon. Far End Gear Products ensure that you will be kept entertained as well as more aware whilst using the roads. Our products are Great for Cyclists, Runners and Athletes due to their unique designs. We have a range of normal length and shorter length cords.